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The Hellenic Metallurgical Society (HMS) aims to function as promoter of activities related to metallic materials science, technology, and their applications. HMS is linked to the academic, research and industrial community working in the field of metallic materials science and engineering, as well as the related engineering communities, encouraging their strong interaction, in order to ensure the wider exploitation and dissemination of new ideas and best practices in the area.

Reasons for becoming member of the HMS 

Being a member of the HMS means a series of benefits, which are mentioned hereafter.  The membership benefits are divided in the ‘individual membership’ benefits and the ‘corporate membership’ benefits.

The individual membership benefits include:

  • The participation at reduced fees in the national and international conferences organized by HMS, such as the National Conference on Metallic Materials which is organized every three-years including a national exhibition of the latest advanced in related equipment and software, as well as in FEMS conferences and events.
  • Participation in competitions with important awards for students, young researchers and engineers.
  • Regular updates about HSM activities, co-sponsored events, FEMS, EASN, and other activities.
  • Regular updates about activities of the other material-related associations.
  • Important opportunities for national and international networking, collaboration and professional development between academic, research and company experts.
  • Possibilities for technology transfer through one day seminars, workshops and exhibitions in the field of metallic materials, providing delegates with access to international experts, the latest equipment and research advancements.
  • Unlimited access in the HSM website restricted area, including among others, job alerts and other career opportunities.
  • Access in many publications including all HSM previous conferences articles and scientific articles of the members of HSM.
  • The easy follow-up of advances in various fields of metallic materials. 
  • The sharing of experiences between the experts in the field.
  • The support of the society by sharing the knowledge of HSM members. 

The corporate membership benefits include:

All the above benefits of the individual membership, plus…

  • Potential marketing, international collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Discount for delegates attending training seminars, courses and workshops on specialized topics related to metallic materials for any company employee.
  • Reduced rates for attending all HSM co-sponsored events.
  • Reduced rates for exhibiting at the HSM organized workshops and exhibitions.
  • Links and promotional opportunities via the HSM website.

There are three levels of membership: 

  • Individual 20€, student 15€.
  • Corporate 70€ plus 15€ per named person, in which an unlimited number of named individuals can access benefits 

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