Mission and objectives

The main mission of the HMS is the promotion and development of the science, technology and applications of metallic materials in Greece.

This is expected to be realized through the pursue of the following objectives:

  • Organizing national and international conferences and other events of diffusion of research findings and technology, which aim at presenting innovations in metallic materials, strengthening the industry-research bonds and acquainting young engineers and scientists with the industry.
  • Attaining closer relations between the academic community, research institutes, industry and metallic material services sector towards a prosperous and internationally competitive Hellenic metallurgical industry.
  • Supporting young engineers/scientists/researchers with scholarships and other actions.
  • Supporting the development of partnerships for the accomplishment of innovations, adoption of modern technologies and solution of technological problems.
  • Collecting and diffusing scientific and technological information as well as creating an ambience of mutual trust and cooperation among the members.
  • Keeping up with the international advances of the metallurgical science; special emphasis is given on the representation of the Hellenic scientific and technological community of metallic materials in respective International societies and organizations, with the further objective to enhance the role of the Hellenic Metallurgy in the international scene.
  • Collaborating and complementing with pertinent domestic societies and organizations.